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Here's a small sample of print ads I've been involved in over the years. Starting from top to bottom is my design for Knight-Ridder's print campaign,  followed by my concept, design and  copywriting for, next, Miami Herald Classifieds campaign received a 1st place International News Media Award,  below that the ad was selected by the American Institute of Graphic Arts for a juried exhibition and the Barry University newspaper ad received an Addy Award from the Ad Fed.

Print Ads

Knight-Ridder print campaign | Art director, designer/Hugh Williams

Guitar.jpg print campaign | Concept, copywriter, art director/Hugh Williams


Miami Herald Classifieds print campaign | Art director, designer/Hugh Williams

BasBallAd.jpg ad | Concept, copywriter, art director/Hugh Williams

BarryAd copy.jpg

Barry University ad | Concept, art director/Hugh Williams

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