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Whether by luck or by skill, these projects have made their mark on history with a little

help from ”the stars’’.

Operation Angel ad in The Birdcage

Creating is such a personal and intimate process.

Imagine watching a movie and suddenly unbeknownst

to you,  your creation unfolds in the hands of a megastar. 

I had that experience about 30 minutes into the movie

The Birdcage and basked in the glory for a couple of minutes

as Robin Williams folded and unfolded the "prop" I had

a part in creating.


Rebound South Florida identity

In 1992 basketball superstar Michael Jordan proposed a benefit basketball game for families affected by Hurricane Andrew between the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat.

The game was televised on TNT combined with a telethon

for the event. I had the privilege of designing the identity

that passed the stringent approval process by the NBA.


Robert August Surf & Turf Challenge logo

Pro surfer, Robert August who starred in the 1966 documentary The Endless Summer had  an annual surf and

golf competition where proceeds went to local children in

Costa Rica.  I designed the logo for the 2004 event.


U.S. Department of Education Bus Wrap

The Success Express was an annual tour, then U.S. Secretary of Education Richard Riley would take promoting and inspiring education in southern states. In 2000 I coordinated and co-designed the bus wrap for that year's tour.  I had

hired a cartoonist friend to create the characters.


Florida Senate Debate Logo

In 2004 there was a televised Florida senate debate between Mel Martinez and Betty Castor. The Campaign 2004 logo

I designed was utilized in the set design and was animated as the intro to the debate shown on C-Span as well as a local South Florida television station.


Georgia Bonesteel Barn Quilt Chair

Georgia Bonesteel, American quilter has been credited with

lap quilting. She's written several books as well as having had her own quilting show on PBS. In 2013 I was introduced to barn quilt painting, which led to the idea of painting a quilt pattern on miniature chairs. As the universe works in strange ways, years later, a friend's mom was a quilter who was a close friend of Ms. Bonesteel whom I got to meet.  In appreciation for her posing with my painted chairs, I presented  her with a chair of her favorite colors and quilt pattern she displays in her studio. 


In 2001 Miami-Dade County Public Schools selected my logo entry as the winner of their logo competition.  To date, the logo has most likely been the most utilized and most exposed work I've done.  In addition to being seen on local media, the logo has made it's way onto national broadcasts and print media.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools Logo

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